A Spot Light On Feature Walls

Feature walls have been part of Australian homes for some time now.  Their popularity is their safeness – the ability to add contrast and colour in a way that is not overpowering and limited to one area or zone.

Choosing a colour for one wall or area seems a lot easier for people than choosing a colour for a whole room.  As a result people tend to choose bold and bright colours – solid reds, greens, blues etc.

Sometimes the beauty in a feature wall can be much more subtle.  When I was specifying the colours for this shop, I wanted a feature wall that was calm, inviting but still drew your eye all the way to the back of the room.

The beauty of subtle colour choices.
The beauty of subtle colour choices.

At the time of choosing the paint colours, we were also selecting the carpets and we knew the timber would be a light colour.

The colour was chosen as part of a whole complete scheme and that is the true secret.

If you choose a feature wall colour to add boldness and interest without taking into consideration all of the other furniture and fixtures, your colour will look out of place.  It will be bold and interesting but not complimentary to the rest of your room.

Look at all of the colours that feature in your furniture, carpet, curtains, shelving, appliances etc when you’re choosing a feature wall colour and don’t be afraid to tone it down instead of up.  The impact will surprise you!


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