The Importance Of Photography and Floor Plans When You’re Planning To Sell Your Home.

Once you have taken the time to prepare your home for sale by decluttering, undertaking required maintenance inside and out and styling your home you are now ready for the next step, photography and a floor plan.

If that surprises you, did you know that properties that have these are viewed online approximately 80% more than those without?

Given that buyers decide which properties they like and want to visit by what they see online, professional photography and floor plans are imperative to generating interest in your home and getting buyers through your door.

This is an example of the same kitchen photographed from a normal camera and the second is photographed professionally.  Professional photographers understand how to get the best lighting and how to capture a room perfectly.  The professional photo showcases the Blackwood timber kitchen and hardwood floors in a way that normal photography cannot.

Taken on a normal camera
Taken on a normal camera
Taken by a professional photographer.
Taken by a professional photographer.

As I am writing this post, there are:

  • 1,363 properties for sale in Traralgon,
  • 383 in Sale,
  • 647 in Bairnsdale,
  • 986 in Lakes Entrance,
  • 1,201 in Paynesville, and
  • 540 in Metung on

You are in competition with all other comparable homes to yours, the moment your property goes online and you need to do all that you can to stand out.

Once your home is styled and ready for sale, make the approximate $300 investment in professional photography and a floor plan and you are armed with everything you need to choose your agent and allow his or her marketing team to do what they do best, contact their buyers and wow them with your home.


I’m always looking for more blog topic ideas. If you could pick my design brain, what would you like to know about preparing your home for sale, choosing paint colours or renovating your property? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.


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