Home Inspections, Children, Pets and Pongs.

Preparing your home for sale is a dedicated process at the best of times but what happens when you add in factors like young children, inside pets and pongs!?

I have a toddler who has the ability to create a path of destruction at one end of the house while I’m frantically picking up after him at the other end.

You may love your children and pets more than anything and they may melt your heart but their remnants can hinder you from presenting your home well or they can make it much harder to do so.

Interior design and paint colours I can give advice on but I’m not a parenting expert.

However I am a mum and pet owner and I do have some tips that can help.

  • Ask your partner, mum, dad, neighbour, good friend to take your children or pet out for an hour or two just before an inspection so that you are home alone to get everything ready.  Once you leave the home to the agent, you can meet them and join in their fun.
  • If you have older children and can negotiate with them, try a little bribery.  If they keep their toys/cupboards/room clean and tidy you will take them to a movie or park of their choice whenever there is an inspection. (Told you I’m not a parenting expert but it works every time.) Don’t be afraid to involve them in the selling process, it is their home too.
  • For pets – remove all of their bedding, litter trays and hair.  While your home is for sale try to keep your pet sleeping in one spot so that this task is much easier.  It’s only for a short period of time.
  • Even better than hiding smells is eliminating the source.  Avoid cooking strong smelling food while your home is for sale, remove your shoes to the garage or to a large enclosed plastic container and empty your inside bins daily.
  • Do NOT smoke inside your home while it is for sale.  It may not bother you and you may think no-one will notice but I promise you non-smokers can notice the smell of smoke the moment they walk in the door. It lingers in carpets, curtains, furniture and walls.

Once you have done this do not walk from one end of the home to the other spraying a trail of deodoriser.  This is a red flag to a buyer that you are covering something up.  Don’t make them think that when really you’re not.

I love Scentsy burners and candles.  They are subtle, welcoming and almost delicious – no!, don’t eat them. Scentsy can be purchased locally by their reps.  Call me, I can give you their details.

Don’t be afraid to live in your home and enjoy it with your family but while you’re trying to sell it always be ready for an inspection at a moments notice and leave it in a state that helps your agent do their job and speak highly of your home and its features.  Trust me, they’ll appreciate your efforts and it will make a difference.

Maintaining a clean home is essential when you're trying to sell it.
Maintaining a clean home is essential when you’re trying to sell it.

I’m always looking for more blog topic ideas.  If you could pick my design brain, what would you like to know about preparing your home for sale, choosing paint colours or renovating your property?  Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.