A Hot Home Prediction For 2017 That Will Work Well In Many Gippsland Homes

According to a Facebook post from Belle magazine, the next big interior design trend is wall mouldings.

I love wall mouldings done well.  They add instant charm and character but only in the right property.  Lucky for us, there are a lot of homes in Gippsland ideally suited to wall and ceiling mouldings.

I attended a Gippsland home auction last year and spent most of the time looking at the ceiling mouldings.  Still in their original state, they combined my love of coloured ceilings, wallpaper and mouldings! I could have bought the home based on this alone…

This ceiling had me at hello
Stunning Gippsland home with moulded ceilings.

Wall mouldings essentially serve the purpose of covering joins e.g. baseboards cover the join between the wall and the floor, cornice/crown moulding covers the join between the wall and the ceiling and door and window casings conceal the gap between the jamb and adjacent wall.

Other wall mouldings serve a different but practical purpose of wall protection (chair rail) and the hanging of artwork (picture moulding).

Then there are mouldings which are purely decorative and often add a sense of formality to a room.

This week I have included my top tips for how to choose wall mouldings and secondly how to paint them.

Tips for choosing wall mouldings:

  1. know the period of your home and do some research into what materials, profiles and sizes would have been used at that time,
  2. keep all of your trim in the same architectural style, and
  3. bigger is not always better.  Keep the size of your mouldings in proportion with the size of your room, walls and the height of your ceilings.

I love the power of paint and colour and this is especially evident in architectural features like mouldings.

Top tips for choosing paint colours for wall mouldings:

  1. You can emphasise your moulding details by painting them in a high contrast colour to the walls…
How to paint wall mouldings
Choose contrasting paint colours for big impact.

2. you can showcase your mouldings by choosing colours with subtle differences…

How to choose paint colours for wall mouldings
Emphasise your mouldings in a more discreet way.

3. your mouldings can set the scene for your room and add interest when painted in the same colour as the walls.

How to choose paint colours for wall mouldings
Set the scene and let the mouldings speak for themselves.

If your home is from a bygone era and lends itself to mouldings, don’t be afraid to embrace this trend… with restraint.

If you need help doing so, call me, I’d be happy to help you. Residential colour consultations are $150 and I can arm you with everything you need to do it well including A4 colour samples.

I’m always looking for more blog topic ideas. If you could pick my design brain, what would you like to know about preparing your home for sale, choosing paint colours or renovating your property? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.

Belle magazine article and moulding images are found here.

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