How To Choose Front Door Paint Colours

Yesterday I had the joy of seeing the result of a colour consultation I did recently.

My client was looking for an exterior feature paint colour for her outside dining area and front door.

Painting front doors a feature colour has become popular recently because it adds interest and modernises what is often an overlooked part of your home.

So how do you choose a front door colour?

You need to consider the aspect of the door – does it face north, south, east or west and is it in direct sunlight or under a verandah or porch area?

The reason this is so important is because some colours reflect light and some absorb it.

Exterior paint colours that absorb light also absorb heat.  If you paint these colours onto a wooden door, the wood is likely to split and become damaged by the heat.  This problem has become so common that some door manufacturers void warranties for doors painted in certain colours.

These colours tend to be darker colours but that doesn’t mean you can’t use them.

Also, exterior paint colours can look up to 30% lighter when in direct sunlight.

My client is an outgoing, kind, fun, joyful person with a very welcoming home.  So once I had thought about light and heat we talked about colours that she liked and disliked.

Taking all of this into consideration I chose a blue for her called Dulux Boathouse and this is the result….

Original Paint Colour
Door now painted in Dulux Boathouse.
Door now painted in Dulux Boathouse.

Dulux Boathouse is a fantastic backdrop for my client’s Art Deco inspired screen door and has added a new “wow” to the entry of her home.

Adding interest to the front of your home increases its street appeal which is important if you’re thinking of selling and can make entering our home more pleasurable.

My client posted her new painted door on Facebook and has received many positive comments…

Feedback received on Facebook.
Feedback received on Facebook.

If you would like to do a similar paint project at your home but still don’t know how to choose the right colour, search online (Pinterest, Houzz, Google Images etc) for inspiration or call your local Dulux colour consultant for help.  Consultations cost $150 and you receive a cash back voucher for $1 per litre of Dulux paint you purchase up to 100 litres. 

I am teaching a one day Advanced Colour course in Melbourne on November 4 for Real Living magazine.  If you want to learn how to choose your own colours with confidence, click here for more information.

I’m always looking for more blog topic ideas. If you could pick my design brain, what would you like to know about preparing your home for sale, choosing paint colours or renovating your property? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.