How To Choose The Right Paint Colour When Preparing Your Home For Sale

When you are preparing your home for sale you have just one goal, to make it as appealing as possible to the widest audience.  You want to sell in the fastest time possible and for the highest price.

Painting your home is one of the easiest ways to transform and refresh it, but what colour do you choose?

As a Dulux colour consultant I am always asked what colour should people choose and everybody’s needs and homes are different.

But once you are preparing your home for sale, your needs are the same and simple – you need to be appealing to a broad audience.  You are not choosing the colour for yourself but for the buyers.

My top tips for choosing paint colours when preparing your home for sale are:

  1. Choose a warm neutral colour – there is a vast array of neutral colours to choose from but only half are warm based.  These colours are much more inviting and you can find them in greys, browns and popular colours like Dulux Antique White USA. Check out the Dulux Whites and Neutrals brochure, free from all hardware stores.  You will notice one side of the brochure has warm colours and the other has cold.
  2. Avoid white colours – I love a beautiful white colour but not when I’m preparing a home for sale.  White is stark and cold and it takes skill and a lot of accessories to warm up such rooms and to make them appealing.
  3. Everyone loves grey at the moment and so do I but there are warm and cold variations.  Look for warm greys that have a yellow, red or green underlying colour.
  4. Avoid bright colours – don’t avoid colour altogether but do tone it down.
  5. Paint over old feature walls and front doors that are no longer appealing.

Preparing your home for sale shows to the buyer that your home is well maintained and cared for.  If the buyer thinks they need to repaint your home they will factor that cost into their sale offer.

The more you prepare properly the more you will be rewarded when you sell your home.

Sold On Interiors offer colour consulting as part of their home staging services at no extra cost.

I’m always looking for more blog topic ideas. If you could pick my design brain, what would you like to know about preparing your home for sale, choosing paint colours or renovating your property? Let me know below, I’d love to hear from you.