Tips And Choices For Choosing Grey Paint Colours

Grey is certainly the neutral colour of choice at the moment.  Its popularity has grown immensely in the last year and with good reason.

It is classic and sophisticated but just like the other neutrals – beige and whites, it is a paint colour people struggle with choosing correctly.

When you look at the page of grey options in the Dulux colour atlas it is easy to see so many exciting combinations of grey with different coloured undertones.

Dulux soft
Dulux soft & chromatic greys

Like other neutrals that means there are cool and warm options.

Below are my choices of favourite Dulux greys:


Grey Pail (light)

Water Worn (mid grey)

Ticking and Domino (dark greys)

NB: Dulux Ticking is stunning but does have a blue feel.


Manorburn (light) – also available in double, half and quarter strength.

Celtic Sky is a personal preference because I also love duck egg blue (mid darkness)

Maraetia (darker)


Ghosting (light) – also available in half and quarter strength.  Can appear red in some rooms.

Rampart (mid grey)

Bushland Grey (darker)

Because grey is essentially a combination of black and white it is the perfect backdrop for colour, metallics and accents when decorating.

Grey needs that pop and lift and when you do that you will be fifty shades of happy with the result.